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Patch Management in the Post “Meltdown” Era

If there’s one guarantee in cybersecurity, it’s that all software has bugs or compromises. As part of a cybersecurity strategy, patch management is an easy way to create a robust defense against possible attacks and secure end-to-end coverage of your devices. Patches help businesses like yours avoid or address very critical issues -- like Meltdown…
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DLP in the Cloud: Why You Need a CASB for Cloud DLP

As data loss prevention (DLP) solutions and technologies experience widespread adoption across the cybersecurity community, DLP discussion has since expanded to include a new element: cloud DLP. Because cloud storage has become a standard for both tech consumers and platforms, cybersecurity firms like Symantec and Forcepoint have led the way to integrating cloud into their…
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2 Ways Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) Prevent Data Leakage

There’s no denying it: organizations now operate within a cloud-centric world. The impressive growth of cloud adoption has influenced companies of every size and industry to embrace cloud networks to store data and support in-house network needs. In response, the cybersecurity industry has since adapted to ensure the security and compliance of cloud networks. Malware…
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3 Signs Your Company or Organization Needs an Identity Management System

Regardless of the size of your company or organization, information access and management should be a priority of your IT department. However, information management itself can become too complicated for one or a team of administrators to handle on their own. As your business continues to grow, it will become increasingly important to protect company…
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