Managed Services

Argentra Solutions

Cyber attacks and security threats from trusted staff are increasing. Hacking tools are easy to buy over the dark net. The big four auditors are concerned about data loss and other security threats from trusted insiders who may be outsourced providers or internal IT admin staff. The existing IT team has limited resources, time and skills to address all these risk areas.

Our clients have asked Argentra to provide Managed Services to support them in Cyber Security. They have already outsourced their physical security needs to specialist firms. Our clients also want to outsource their Cyber Security to a specialist firm like Argentra.


Many Information Security projects fail to achieve their desired business results because the systems are not fine tuned to the latest Risk Management policies. After the system is implemented, it is difficult to find the time or the skills to maintain the system, do security patching, system updates, review the logs, and update the policies. Argentra provides these post-implementation services to ensure that your Information Security solution works well over the years. We even offer a hot swap for Hardware Appliances so that your downtime is minimised.


Clients may have all the high end security hardware. But who is looking at the incidents and taking actions? How do you find skilled resources to monitor the Information Security systems, determine false positives, and take action on confirmed threats. To operate a Security Operations Centre (SOC) on a 24x7 basis requires a minimum of 5-6 skilled staff, and a comprehensive database of the latest threats that are emerging. In most cases, this is too expensive and complicated to operate in-house. Many enterprises are outsourcing their SOC as part of a Managed Security Service. Argentra partners with Symantec to offer these services to our clients.


Our clients IT teams may be busy during the workday and may not be able to screen through all the alerts from their network monitoring systems. The Argentra NOC provides a 1st level of diagnosis and works closely with our client's IT team or their outsourced support to identify and resolve these issues.