Data Loss Prevention

Argentra Solutions

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a strategy for organisations to prevent users from sending confidential information to unauthorised third parties. Information may be lost accidentally by sending a confidential file to the wrong email, losing a USB stick with confidential information, or dropping a confidential file into the public folder in the shared drive. Confidential information may also be taken by staff or administrators when they leave the organisation.

Argentra carries DLP solutions from the leading brands. A Data Loss Prevention Solution (DLP) is a content-aware application that can read your emails and the content of files in the network, email, and local/ shared drives. The DLP system works like an electronic auditor that constantly checks if there is confidential information in the wrong place or being sent to the wrong party. Many clients will integrate their DLP systems to encryption, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Print Control Security to achieve a higher level of document security.

The new MAS Technology Risk Management (TRM) guidelines has listed DLP and encryption as requirements in Section 9. Argentra has different DLP solutions for SME’s to Large Enterprises to suit different budgets and security requirements. Talk to us and let us help you find the right solution.