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Argentra Solutions

Going beyond basic IT monitoring capabilities, Metios Monitor by Argentra delivers enterprise-class monitoring and alerting service that provides organizations with extended insight of their IT infrastructure before problems affect critical business processes. Metios Monitor provides organizations with many benefits, including:

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Having your entire network data easily accessible and understandable in a single dashboard view; keeps you informed not only of your network’s current health, but also where actions might need to be taken in the future. Metios Monitor makes it possible to have a unified birds-eye view on the entire network, application, cloud based services and their current status and health. This insight is available on one interface instead of many, increases productivity and responsiveness.
Provides a central view of your entire IT operations network and business processes. Powerful dashboards provide at-a-glance access to powerful monitoring information and third-party data. Views provide users with quick access to the information they find most useful.
Aside the capability to monitor all and any network-connected equipment, Metios Monitor generates all this information into comprehensive reports and graphs such as Availability Report, SLA Report and Alert Report.
In Metios Monitor, we have taken the notification logic a step further and extended with notification skins and some new way of notifying from the traditional way via e-mail and SMS to notifying by dialing a contact until the call is answered.
According to Gartner, 80% of the time to repair is wasted on trying to locate the issue. Ability to identify events and act in time is one of the best and easiest ways of saving money in an IT organization. Metios Monitor Event Correlation creates only one notification detailing which host is causing the outage and how many other hosts is affecting. Metios Monitor provides detailed alarm information about issues that have risen, shortening the time for mean-time-to-repair by up to 80%.