Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Argentra Solutions

Research shows that trusted staff, partners and even customers may provide our secret or confidential information to others. Staff who resign may take customer information, tender documents, designs to their new employers. Customers or external parties may share our proposals, confidential financial or HR information with competitors or unauthorised parties. In this new world of digital collaboration, how do we protect our secrets?

Digital Rights Management (DRM), also known as Information Rights Management (IRM), has the ability to protect documents from being edited, copied, printed, screen captured, re-deistributed. Publicly listed or large private companies use our solutions to circulate confidential financial information, Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) between the Board of Directors, Senior Management, and Investors. Hedge funds may need to switch off their subscribers or investors ability to view their proprietary research when they cease to be customers. Another client prevented a C-level executive from bringing secret information to their competitor after his resignation.

Argentra has years of experience in Digital Rights Management solutions. Talk to us now about your concerns and let us help you find a solution.